I've added this interesting Hohner Black Widow as I believe that even though it's not labeled Acoustic, it's still an important part of Black Widow history.  This was made by Bartell, who were the first manufacturers of the Black Widow for Acoustic, and is likely an actual Acoustic Black Widow rebranded for Hohner. When Bartell's contract with Hohner ended in the late 60s or early 70s, they were told they still owed Hohner some guitars (confirmed by a former employee). It appears that Bartell took at least one of the Black Widows they were making for Acoustic (or a leftover unit after their Acoustic contract ended) and rebranded it for Hohner.  The pots are dated 1969 so this puts it at right around the time Bartell was building Black Widows for Acoustic.  Compared to the one in the Hendrix photo and the early Acoustic ad, the controls on this one are much closer to the bridge.