My personal Black Widow, BC1050 was purchased in Terre Haute, IN several years ago.  It's purchase caused me to do research into the brand and ultimately led me to Bartell guitars.

I bought my Black Widow in 2002 and was amazed by the lack of info available. The store I bought it from had apparently had it a long time and all I could get out of the grumbling store employee was "they were trying to be Rickenbacker". The only thing that mattered to me was that it felt really good in my hands. Before purchasing, I did a little research in books (mainly Tom Wheeler's "American Guitars") and on the internet. Finding out that some models were made by Mosrite, I made mental notes on what to look for the next time I stopped to look at it. When I was in town again I took a closer look at it and found that this was one of the Mosrite-made versions so I whipped out the plastic and took it home for $350. I've enjoyed this guitar so much that I decided to put my research together on a page for other owners and prospective buyers. The info here has been gathered from books, Usenet, the WWW, and Ebay auctions. Please note that the Mosrite model shown here has replacement knobs and an extra jack that was added by a previous owner. It's now wired in stereo but I may change it back to mono soon.